What does All on 4 dental implants mean for you?

The All on 4 dental implants treatment option is gaining popularity.  Advances in implant dentistry now make it possible to eat what you want and when you want in virtually no time. All-on-4 means having the same functionality as all your teeth on only four dental implants!

It involves a non-removable bridge that is held in place by four effectively placed dental implants.  Almost everyone can be a candidate, regardless of how much bone loss you may currently have.  Most patients do not have to undergo any bone grafting procedures to have all-on-4 dental implants.

Most patients are able to receive their new teeth the same day as the procedure! You may be able to have your new teeth even if your natural teeth are removed the same day.

What are the benefits?

All-on-4 dental implants offers long-lasting benefits without the wait. Benefits include:

  • Immediate treatment results
  • Improvement in your facial appearance
  • Enjoy all your favourite foods again, no need to avoid certain types of food
  • A smile that will last you a long time
  • Permanent teeth that are brushed just like your natural teeth
  • No need to ever take them out
  • No more glues or adhesives
  • Comfortable for your gums because they do not press down on your gums
  • Prevent further bone loss that is associated with missing teeth
  • Restore and your facial appearance by avoiding bone loss due to missing teeth

What is the procedure?

The procedure involves securing a customized dental prosthesis made just for you to four dental implants.  The strategic positioning and angulations used are determined with the aid of advanced imaging software.

This results in maximum support for the non-removable bridge without the need for any bone grafting procedures.  Damage to the sinus cavity and nerve canal is also avoided with the use of this technique and imaging software.

The dental implants are anchors for the prosthetic teeth. These can last for decades when they are cared for properly.

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