What is a Denture Therapist?

A denture therapist, also known as a denturist, is a health professional who provides denture related care. They will normally work alongside other dental health professionals such as dentists, oral surgeons and dental technicians. This is to ensure that the patient receives a denture option that is custom made to fit precisely in their mouth.

Benefits of an on-site Denture Therapist

If you have a current denture, either partial or complete, that does not fit properly, an on-site denturist will usually be able to make adjustments the same day. Usually, dentures need to be sent out to a dental laboratory to be adjusted, which can take a few days. If you are in need of a denture option, the denturist will be able to take accurate impressions on-site to ensure that your newly created denture will offer a precise fit. The denturist will also make note of your teeth colour and teeth anatomy, so that the newly fabricated denture can match your natural smile for a seamless look.

In addition to making traditional denture appliances, a denturist also creates implant-retained or implant-supported overdentures. Ask us how these options can help improve your quality of life in terms of appearance, chewing and speaking ability.

Dentistry by Dr. Sferlazza Now Has An On-Site Denture Therapist!

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Arafat graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. He then pursued a career in Dental Technology at George Brown College, where he specialized in high-end cosmetic restorations. After many years in the field, he decided to go to Trillium College to further his education by pursing a career in denturism.

Arafat specializes in fabricating implant retained dentures, which offer many benefits
over traditional dentures.

If  you have an existing denture that is need of repair or adjusting, or if you are in need of a partial or complete denture, contact us today!

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