Learn how to spot the signs of dental decay or a cavity.  A cavity is a small hole that develops on the tooth surface. Cavities form when sugars and bacteria mix together, this mixing produces an acid which causes dental decay.  Having regular dental check ups with your dentist will allow a cavity of cavities to be detected before it can become a big problem.  If you are between dental checkups, it is helpful to know the warning signs of a cavity, so that you can get dental treatment before too much damage is done.

Left untreated, a small dental cavity can progress to wide spread damage of the tooth’s enamel.  Once this happens, the decay can make its way into the pulp and root of the tooth.  If the decay is allowed to progress this far, it can cause discomfort and more invasive dental treatment will be required.  It is important to know that dental decay can progress at different speeds depending on the person’s oral health, oral condition and the type of diet they consume.  A diet high in sugars will increase the chance of having rapid decay.  A person who has chronic dry mouth will be prone to getting dental decay or cavities more.  Inadequate oral care will also increase your chance of getting a cavity or helping to progress dental decay.

The following symptoms may indicate a cavity:

  • Experiencing pain in the tooth.
  • Food frequently gets caught in the tooth.
  • Having rough edges against your tongue when your tongue is near your teeth.
  • Sensitivity to cold or sweet things that was not previously there.

Sensitivity may sometimes come and go, if you experience long term sensitivity, you should tell your dentist or dental hygienist.  If you experience any of the above signs or symptoms, contact us to have a dental exam done.

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