Dental clinics specialize in the care of teeth and gums including the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of their diseases. Some of the things that dental clinics in Mississauga take care of are tooth cleaning, dental sealants, minor tooth extractions, fillings, crowns, and porcelain veneers. Here’s a briefing of the quality services offered by dental clinics around Mississauga.

Tooth Cleaning

Most of your tooth cleaning practices should be done at home on a daily basis, but your dentist will also perform a more thorough cleaning during your regular dental check-up. Removal of plaque and tartar, stain removal and fluoride application can all be done during and after the dental cleaning.

Dental Sealant

The dentist will use a type of plastic (called sealants) to coat children’s teeth to prevent tartar, plaque and tooth decay. The back teeth, called molars and premolars, are usually the ones the dentist places the sealant on, because those are the ones hardest to clean. These sealants will protect those teeth for up to ten years. You must be sure to see the dentist regularly so he or she can check the sealant and reapply as necessary.

Minor Tooth Extraction

From a dentist’s point of view a minor extraction refers to taking out a tooth if the shape of the root or roots is easy to remove. This is most often a tooth that has a single and straight shaped root. In an upper front tooth, for example, there is a cone shaped root, so it is simple, or minor. If the tooth is in a difficult spot to reach, such as the molars or wisdom teeth, the dental clinic will probably refer you to an oral surgeon.

Fillings and Porcelain Veneers

Fillings and porcelain veneers include putting a material that is tooth colored over the tooth to fix its shape and color. They can last anywhere between three to five years, but may become stained and chipped over time. Porcelain veneers are made of very fine pieces of porcelain that are glazed to look just like your real teeth. They resist stains and look more natural than fillings, and last longer. These fillings and porcelain veneers are not just for cosmetic reasons. They are used for teeth that are damaged by decay, and which cannot handle fillings.

Your dental clinic can help with not only preventative care, but also can treat cavities, tooth pain, broken or missing teeth, etc. If your dental health is covered in health insurance, show it to the staff so that they may bill you appropriately. Some clinics may offer free treatment on some services also.

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