Dental Emergency

Going through a dental emergency at least once in life is not uncommon.  Injuries such as teeth that were knocked out, loosened, or fractured should be seen by a dentist immediately.  Follow these tips to ensure that you are prepared to handle a dental emergency whenever it happens.  Learn which steps you can take to help prevent or minimize dental sports injuries as well.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

If you chip, fracture or break one of your teeth, try to gather as many pieces of the tooth as you can to take to the dentist.  Rinse your mouth to remove any additional small pieces of tooth material that may be there.  Apply gauze or a clean cloth to the area if there is bleeding.  See your dentist right away so that they can assess your tooth.

Knocked Out Tooth

If a tooth gets knocked out from a fall, playing sports, or any other reason, make sure you see a dentist right away.  Always have your dentist’s number in your phone so that you can call them right away to be seen the same day.  It is important to find the tooth and to clean it with water. If you can do it safely, try to put back into your mouth in the empty space that it belongs.  If you are not able to put it back into your mouth, keep the tooth soaked in a glass of milk.  If you are able to be seen by the dentist within an hour of the tooth coming out, you increase your chance of having the tooth saved.

Any time you engage in any type of contact sports, be sure to wear a custom made sports guard to protect your teeth.

Sudden Toothache

The cause of a toothache are numerous so it is best to go to the dentist if the pain is preventing you from eating or talking.  You can try to floss and brush your teeth in between your dental visit to see if there could be also food debris stuck under your gums.  Common culprits of a toothache or sore gums can be strawberry seeds and popcorn kernels.

Remember to keep your dentist’s information on hand and to wear a sports guard when playing contact sports to minimize injury.

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