Don’t Ignore Dental Pain

Many of us choose to ignore dental pain, in the hopes that the pain will go away or resolve on its own. This is not the right approach when it comes to pain associated with the mouth. This is particularly the case if the cause of the pain is unknown. Dental pain rarely resolves by itself, unless the reasons for the pain are due to mild surface trauma. Examples of this can include eating hard foods, chewing on ice, or biting on objects, etc.

When it comes to dental pain, the longer you ignore it, the more likely the chances are that you will experience an intensity in the level of pain. It is also possible that you may require more invasive and complicated treatment, to resolve the underlying issue.

Causes of Dental Pain

Causes of pain in the mouth can be due to many factors. It is important to see your dentist, for them to pinpoint the cause. Pain may be caused by an infection in the mouth or due to gum disease, which can progress into a serious infection. Infections can spread and damage the tooth’s pulp. Once the pulp is damaged, root canal treatment will be required. If the infection is caught early, you increase the chances of saving that tooth.


Pain can also be due to trauma or injury to the mouth, especially when engaging in physical activities. The onset of symptoms are delayed in some cases, so it is recommended to let your dentist know of any injuries to the mouth.

Sometimes food can become stuck or lodged under the gums without realizing it. Foods such as strawberry seeds and popcorn kernels are common culprits. If these foods are left under the gum, they can cause an infection in the area.


You may also experience pain if there are any issues with tooth and jaw alignment. This is referred to as TMD or temporomandibular disorder.

Remember always to let your dentist know of any injury or pain in your mouth. Pain that lasts for more than a few days should not be ignored.

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