Educating patients about dental diseases and practicing their prevention are a dentist’s main concerns. When you need some kind of treatment, the dentist in Mississauga will use the most updated technology and techniques to take care of you. The dentists will help to prevent dental diseases by providing both preventive and cosmetic services. These services include tooth whitening, root canal, bridges, children’s services, and braces, to name a few.

Tooth Whitening

As you age, the dentin of your teeth can be exposed by the wearing away of the tooth’s enamel. As this occurs the dentin can get stained by coffee, soda, tea, tobacco and other substances. There are some toothpastes that claim to make teeth whiter, but they also wear away the tooth enamel. Professional whitening performed by a dentist is one of the most effective and non-abrasive methods. When it is done properly by a dentist, it can last up to five years.

Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure used to fix and protect teeth that are severely decayed or infected. A root canal must be done by a dentist or oral surgeon when the tooth’s nerve is infected, and the tissue is damaged. During this treatment, the dentist in Mississauga removes both the nerve and the damaged tissue, and the inner part of the teeth are cleaned out and sealed.


Dental bridges are used to actually bridge the space made by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap; they are called abutment teeth. There is a false tooth placed in the middle to fill the gap. The false tooth or teeth are called pontics, and are made of many different substances, such as gold, porcelain, etc. The false teeth can be supported by two of your real teeth as well as implants.


If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, there are many treatments that can help straighten them. The most common way to do this is to get braces or a retainer. Your dentist or orthodontist will assess your health, give you an examination, take photographs of your mouth and teeth, and get X-rays. Then he or she will talk to you about a plan based on what he or she has found. Braces work by putting continual force over a length of time to gradually shift your teeth to where they need to be. As the teeth realign, the bones actually change their shape as the pressure is applied. The amount of time that your braces will need to remain on your teeth will vary, which depends on how bad the problem is, how much room is accessible, and the health of the teeth, gums and bones.

Your dentist can perform almost any dental procedure you need, from prevention to extractions, root canals to teeth whitening. The most important part of healthy teeth is regular visits to the dentist, and proper cleaning and care at home.

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