Tooth extraction in itself is a painful thought even without experiencing the actual process. Nowadays a general extraction is recommended by dentists only when a tooth gets damaged or broken to the point where no restoration procedure can be effective. It is always better to remove a fully-damaged or broken tooth that may otherwise cause many other complications. On the other hand, wisdom tooth extractions are quite common. They are done when the wisdom tooth is impacted, and can result in quite a few negative implications if not treated.

The Extraction Procedure

The extraction process by Mississauga Dentists is made comfortable by applying a local anesthetic that numbs the surrounding portion of the targeted tooth. Sometimes, depending on the situation, nitrous oxide gas or other additional sedation is also given to make the patient completely stress free. After applying anesthetic, a dental instrument called the ‘elevator’ is used. The elevator loosens the tooth in its socket which is then removed using a pair of forceps.

Post-extraction, the patient may be prescribed an antibiotic along with some precautionary measures that are essential to avoiding any infection, swelling or profuse and prolonged bleeding. In case of any probable complications, dentists may also like to monitor the patients for the next few hours, especially when sedation dentistry was carried out. After the area has healed, the gap resulting from the removal is closed.

Extracting the Wisdom Tooth

wisdom tooth that causes pain, swelling and stiffness of the jaw, bad breath, difficulty in opening the mouth and chewing can lead to further gum diseases, decay and infection. It can also have an impact on the other existing teeth that surround it. These ‘Impacted Wisdom Teeth’ are removed. Such Wisdom Tooth Extractions are quite common. The measures for post-operative care in such extractions are similar to the general tooth removal extractions.

Post extraction Care

After the tooth extraction, any activity that exerts pressure on the jaws or the extracted area should be avoided. These activities include forceful brushing, rinsing and spitting, pulling liquids through straws, smoking and so on. Swelling of the jaws can be reduced with cold compresses being applied to the lip or cheek. Patients should restrict themselves to a light, soft and non-spicy diet at least for the twenty-four hours following the procedure.

Tooth Extractions in Mississauga

Today, technology has made it possible to extract teeth in quite a comfortable way. This procedure becomes even easier when experienced and accomplished dentists take care of the extractions. There are many affordable procedures and experienced dentists available in Mississauga for such tooth extractions. They provide a complete treatment plan after proper screening and diagnosing. Tooth Extractions in Mississauga are also performed using sedation/sleep dentistry to reduce anxiety in patients who suffer from severe stress.

The modern dental procedures, today, have made the tooth extraction process very fast as well as comfortable by helping to minimize pain, discomfort and bleeding.

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