Holiday Tips For A Healthy Smile

During the holiday season, there are a lot of temptations around. Holiday sweets and desserts surround us from all angles. It is easy to see why it can be hard to protect your smile and keep it healthy during the holidays. Fortunately, you don’t need to avoid all the holiday treats to keep your teeth healthy. Just follow these holiday tips to enjoy the holidays while protecting your smile.


Call Your Dental Office When Necessary

If you cracked or fractured your tooth biting on some hard candy or hardened bread, call your dental office to be seen right away. A small chip or fracture can easily lead to a bigger issue such as a larger fracture or even nerve damage.

Complete Necessary Dental Treatment

Try to complete any necessary dental treatment before the holiday seasons. This prevents any potential issues becoming worse, especially when dental offices may have reduced holiday hours. Another benefit is that if you have dental insurance, you can utilise your dental insurance before they expire.

Choose Low-Sugar Options


When it comes to choosing drinks and food, opt for the low-sugar options instead. Sugar in foods and drinks can be used by bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria in the mouth produces acids that damage the tooth’s enamel. Choose options such oatmeal or gingerbread cookies instead of the more traditional sugary types of cookies.

Don’t Forget Brushing & Flossing Habits

It is recommended to brush and floss at least twice daily, but even better is to do this after every meal. Even though you’ve had a late night, don’t forget to floss and brush your teeth before bed. Going to bed with food debris left on teeth or in between teeth causes damage to the enamel.

Try To Rinse


After eating meals or having beverages that are sweet or acidic, try to rinse your mouth out with water. Rinsing with water will help to remove harmful residue from foods from the surfaces of the teeth.

Follow these tips during the holiday season and remember to keep up with your regular oral care routine. You will be able to enjoy your holidays and keep your smile healthy and looking great.

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