What are implant overdentures?

Implant Overdentures are replacement teeth that are retained by dental implants. Overdentures are made to help patients who need options to replace a few teeth or to replace all of their teeth. Patients who need a few teeth replaced will benefit from a partial denture and patients who need all of their teeth replacement will need a complete denture. By replacing your missing teeth, you can avoid sagging of the facial muscles and improve your smile. Implant overdentures also help you to speak and eat properly and comfortably.

Why choose implant overdentures instead of traditional dentures?

One of the benefits of using dental implants to replace missing teeth or to support your overdenture, is an implant’s ability to preserve the bone in your jaw. When missing teeth are not replaced, the bone in that part of the mouth begins to shrink or recede. Over time, the bone can shrink significantly enough, that it changes the facial appearance of a person. Shrinking bone also makes it difficult for a traditional denture to fit properly. As the bone shrinks, the denture looses its fit and positioning, which results in difficulties when chewing and speaking. A denture reline will be required to address this problem.

Implant overdenture types



Fixed dental implant-supported overdenture This type of denture is stabilized using dental implants and is not removable by the patient. The denture can only be removed by the dentist. The amount of dental implants required to secure this denture is decided by the dentist on a case by case basis.


Removable dental implant-supported overdenture This type of denture is also stabilized by using multiple dental implants, however it is removable by the patient for cleaning purposes. This type of overdenture uses custom made attachment bar that attaches to the dental implants. The overdenture will then snap into place on the bar attachment. It is important to note that even though this overdenture is removable, it requires significant force to remove, so there is no risk that it will become loose when eating or speaking.


Stabilized dental implant overdenture This system uses a smaller number of dental implants to stabilize a removable denture. In some cases, your current denture may be modified to attach to the implants but it is often best to have a new denture made to fit from the start. This denture can be taken out at night to be cleaned and to sleep. The amount of dental implants used is done on a case by case basis. This option allows you to eat and speak with confidence when compared to traditional dentures.

If you are interested in a dental implant-supported overdenture or would like a better option than your current denture, contact us to discuss your options! We have many available treatment options to suit your needs. We also have an on-site denture therapist  to provide you with quick service.

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