Choosing The Right Toothbrush For Your Mouth

For most people, choosing a toothbrush can be a time-consuming task. If you think back to the last time you were selecting a toothbrush, you can probably remember the rows of toothbrush choices for you to pick from.

When it comes to picking the best option for you, there are a few rules that will apply to everyone. Depending on the condition of your oral health and your mouth, there are a few other factors to consider.


Always Stick To These Tips

Regardless of your mouth condition or oral health, these are tips that should be followed by all.

Soft Is Better

Remember always to select a toothbrush that has soft bristles only. When the correct toothbrushing technique is used, a soft bristled toothbrush is all that is needed to ensure a proper clean. Medium or hard bristled toothbrushes will damage the gum tissue and the tooth’s enamel. Over time, the gums and tooth enamel can be scrubbed away with a medium or hard bristled brush. This is particularly the case when vigorous brushing is used, instead of the proper technique.

Small Brush Heads Equal Easier Access


You should also try to choose a brush that has a small brush head. Large brush heads make it hard to access parts of the mouth and result in a less thorough clean. It is more difficult to angle a large brush head to reach the back areas of the mouth, to clean the back and side of the teeth. The smaller the brush head, the easier it is to angle. When brushing the back areas of the mouth, closing your mouth slightly to relax the jaw muscles will help you to angle the toothbrush further back.

Additional Considerations

There are a few more factors that can affect your choice of a toothbrush. People who have issues with dexterity or have difficulty gripping or holding a toothbrush securely should try to use an electric toothbrush. The electric versions usually have a wide base that makes it easier to hold. They also do most of the work, so that all you need to do, is place it in the correct area. This is great if dexterity is an issue.


People who have a habit of brushing too hard will also benefit from an electric toothbrush since they usually only come with softer bristles and they do the brushing for you. This reduces the chances of aggressive brushing with too much pressure being placed on teeth and gums.

Selecting a brush that has tapered bristles or bristles with varying heights may result in a better clean. The differences in height can allow certain bristles, to access some areas in between teeth or groves on the top of the tooth’s biting surfaces.


Keep these tips in mind when you select your next toothbrush. It will be a much quicker and easier choice!

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