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cerec 3d technology mississauga dentist

Cerec 3D Dentistry

To meet the needs of our every single patient we have Cerec 3D technology. This technology provides you solution for your every dental ceramic restoration issue in one single visit. Learn more…

versawave dental laser dentistry mississauga

VersaWave Laser

VersaWave Dental Laser is used for a variety of purposes like white fillings, gum sculpting, treating canker sores and periodontal therapy. Learn more…

Biolase EZlase dental laser mississauga dentist

Biolase – EZlase Dental Laser

Biolase-Ezlase has been developed to offer more comfort and safety to the patients. With this technology, wounds & infection are treated faster. Learn more…

scanx digital xray mississauga dentist

ScanX Digital X-Ray Imaging

ScanX Digital X-ray has become more convenient method of capturing tooth images over the traditional x-rays. It offers less radiation per x-ray as well. Learn more…

air abrasion stain removal mississauga dentist

Air Abrasion

These units help in removing tooth decay and preparing spaces in order to fill dental fillings. It is an effective and efficient way that patients will prefer over the traditional tooth drilling. Learn more…

intra-oral camera mississauga dentist

Intra-Oral Cameras

An intra-oral camera is a small pen-like camera used to take x-ray images of the patients’ teeth. The images are transferred to a computer which even the patients can see. Learn more…

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