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With the innovation of Digital Radiography, X-ray imaging has now become time and cost effective to a great extent. Moreover, the ease with which images can be enhanced, transferred, carried and stored has made this procedure more popular than the conventional techniques used years back. The Scan X Digital X Ray has blended the field of dentistry very well with the world of computer applications.

What is Scan X Digital X-ray?

Digital radiography uses digital X-ray sensors. Besides being a time-efficient process, it also has an added advantage of using lesser radiation than the traditional method of X-ray imaging that uses photographic films. In the Scan X Digital X Ray method, images are captured through a digital device that displays instant preview of the images. These images captured can then be stored digitally as well as electronically transferred from the X-ray site to the Dentist’s chamber or for further referrals.

Types of Scan X Digital X-ray in Dentistry:

There are typically two different ways of carrying out digital X-ray:

  1. The Intraoral method

The sensor is placed inside the mouth when focus is on a small and specific portion of the maxillofacial region.

  1. The Extraoral method

The sensor is fixed outside the mouth when image of the entire maxillofacial region is needed for dental treatment. Extraoral method is further categorized into the orthopantomogram or cephalometric analysis, depending on the requirements of the image projection or display.

The Products

To support diagnosis and deliver an effective treatment plan, there are many manufacturers of the Scan X Digital X Ray. Fast and user-friendly, these products are available to meet specific requirements for intra oral imaging or can work with both intra oral and extra oral imaging. The basic advantages of these products are that it neither utilizes the costly processing steps as in photographic films nor involves the use of chemicals or chemical processors. The devices are also quite compact and needs less space for storage. Software is available to support 2-D as well as 3-D imaging solutions. There is a wide range of product variety displaying different key features in each product.

Scan X Digital X Ray has proved to be one of the most valuable innovations to the Dentists. They can now have a better idea on the dental problems of their patients by zooming into the images or digitally storing the images forever in case of a prolonged treatment.

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