Mouth Guards And Sports Go Hand In Hand

When it comes to playing sports, most of us think about getting the right equipment or gear to perform our best. We also choose gear that is meant to protect us while playing sports. Items such as knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets are common choices when we think about protecting our body. However, a custom-made sports guard or mouth guard is one piece of equipment that should not be overlooked.

What Is A Custom-Made Mouth Guard?

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It is a flexible fitted device that is worn over the teeth while playing sports or participating in recreational activities.

Why Use A Custom-Made Mouth Guard?

With any sport that involves contact or high-level physical activity, there is always a chance of injury to the body. Unfortunately, a lot of the damage or injury that occurs to the face or mouth is not properly shielded against.  Some helmets offer full face protection, but other helmets just focus on protecting the head.


A custom-made sports guard is made to offer protection to your teeth and mouth. It protects your teeth from damage by spreading out the impact force among all the teeth. It will help prevent broken or chipped teeth, tooth root damage and bone damage. They can also help against injuries like jaw fractures and concussions.

A custom-made sports guard offers these benefits:

Benefits of a custom-made mouth guard:

    • Speaking easily.
    • Does not affect breathing.
    • Stays securely in place.
    • Provides a comfortable fit.

Choosing Considerations

While it is easy to obtain a generic mouth guard from most sporting goods stores or department stores, a custom-made mouth guard is the best choice when it comes to protecting your teeth and having a comfortable fit. If the generic mouth guard is not comfortable, the chances are that you will not wear it.

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