Preventive dental care allows you to avoid costly repairs or replacement of your teeth. What if you were told that each tooth in your mouth is worth roughly the same as a diamond?  Would you believe it?  When you consider the cost of repairing or replacing a tooth, it soon becomes clear that it can.

What Are The Benefits of Preventive Dental Care?

Your tooth’s enamel is the strongest substance in your body.  As a result, many of us do not notice any pain or discomfort when our tooth’s enamel is damaged or decayed, until it is too late.  By the time you feel dental pain or discomfort, it is often too late to take a preventive approach.  Pain is usually always a dental emergency and as a result, aggressive treatment is usually required.  Having preventive dental care in our Mississauga dental office will allow dental issues to be detected earlier.  When dental issues are detected early, the problem can be treated before it leads to pain or major dental treatment.

What Are The Consequences Of Avoiding Regular Dental Care?

Untreated dental decay can lead to loosing large portions of your tooth.  Once this happens, a dental filling is often not strong enough to replace the missing portion of the  tooth.  At that point, a dental crown is usually required for the tooth.  If the decay is very rapid, it can lead to damage of the tooth’s pulp, which can lead to serious pain.  If the tooth’s pulp becomes damaged, root canal therapy will be needed.

In some cases, when dental treatment is not completed over a long period of time, a tooth may be lost completely.  Once a tooth is lost, the replacement options include having a dental bridge, a partial denture, or a dental implant.  Having preventive dental care over a long term, will help to ensure the health of your teeth and will help you to avoid major dental treatment.

Skipping your dental cleaning appointments can cause sore gums which are tender and bleed easily, also known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is reversible with regular preventive dental care. If gingivitis is left untreated, it can lead to periodontitis, which is not reversible. Periodontitis causes bone loss and gum recession which can lead to loose teeth and gum recession which causes tooth sensitivity.

What Should I Do To Get Started?

Talking with your dentist or dental hygienist about taking a preventive approach to your dental care is the first step.  After a complete assessment of your dental condition, they will prepare a personalized treatment plan that is suited to your dental needs.

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