Tooth Reshaping Treatment

Tooth reshaping is an extremely convenient and cost-effective way to enhance a smile. By reshaping or recontouring the teeth, issues such as chipping of the teeth and uneven alignment of the teeth can be fixed without complicated or invasive treatment.

Teeth may be reshaped only or may be accompanied by dental bonding in some cases. Dental bonding uses a tooth coloured resin material to change or improve the look of the teeth. Dental bonding and tooth reshaping are best suited for teeth in the front of the mouth.


Tooth Reshaping / Contouring Process

This procedure is performed by a dentist and involves the moderate use of a laser or dental drill. The dentist may need to take an x-ray of the tooth first, to ensure that the pulp located in the tooth will not be affected due to the procedure. Once the dentist has confirmed that the tooth is suitable for reshaping, they will slowly and gently reshape the tooth or teeth to match the nearby teeth. This ensures an even and uniform look.

Teeth that are too long or teeth that are shaped poorly are expertly contoured. Once the contouring is completed, the teeth are then polished for a smooth look and feel. This process is usually completed in one dental visit.

Dental Bonding Process

Performing dental bonding while reshaping teeth can fix chips in teeth and close gaps between teeth. The dental bonding materials are made to match the colour or the natural teeth and improve the shape of the teeth as well.

The tooth is reshaped first then etched to allow the dental bonding material to adhere to the tooth. Once the dental bonding material is applied to the tooth, it is hardened with a special curing light. This treatment may also take as little as one dental visit, depending on the amount of treatment needed.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile quickly before an upcoming event, tooth reshaping and dental bonding can give you great results! Contact us now to schedule a complimentary consultation. We would love to discuss how tooth reshaping and dental bonding can improve your smile.

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