Broken teeth are considered a dental emergency that needs immediate attention. It is important to seek a dentist’s help right away in order to optimize the chances of saving the teeth. There are different factors that cause damage to the teeth like biting on hard objects, too much grinding or trauma. These factors can cause the teeth to fracture, break or crack. Patients may complain of severe pain. This is when a crack reaches as far as the nerve root. When severe pain is experienced by the patient, it indicates an emergency condition that needs to be cared for as quickly as possible.

The teeth also need nutrition so that they can maintain their function of biting and chewing. Inadequate nutrition to the teeth make them unstable and brittle. Maintaining good oral hygiene as well as adequate nutrition is important to keep the teeth healthy.

Treatment of Broken Tooth

After making an appointment for a broken tooth, a patient can, in the meantime, do home remedies for temporary treatment and relief. It is highly advisable to rinse the mouth and the broken tooth fragments with lukewarm water. When bleeding occurs use gauze, and apply over the area with moderate pressure to stop the bleeding. Applying a cold compress on the cheek will temporarily relieve pain and decrease signs of swelling. A dentist can provide care for this dental emergency depending on the degree and extent of the broken teeth. Dentists can temporarily address a completely broken tooth by affixing the fragment back to the tooth.

Types of Dental Filling

Composite filling is the procedure of choice for a broken tooth with cracks or fragments. Local anesthetics are required for the treatment of dental emergencies. Dentists will first clean and prepare the broken area of the tooth before placing the composite filling. Composite fillings attach directly to the broken tooth, restoring the tooth to its original function. Furthermore, dentists would also assure that it is normal to feel hot and cold sensitivity right after the placement of the filling.

There are many types of filling materials that dentists use. The silver amalgam fillings and the composite fillings are the most widely used because they blend in nicely with natural teeth. Dental restoration is obtained by composite fillings which is highly durable, and can last for many years. After a lengthy period of time, however, durability can fade which would require some replacement.

Severe trauma to the tooth, in which a crack is caused, extending to the nerve, will need a root canal. Affectation of the nerve root is extremely painful. This will need urgent and appropriate dental care. Dentists perform root canal therapy by removing the nerve root of the broken tooth. The affected nerve will be replaced by a rubber insert. The procedure is extensive and requires adequate anesthesia. Root canal therapy is performed to preserve the tooth and to restore optimum functioning.

Dental care such as regular check-ups and good oral hygiene are essential in preventing many dental emergencies.

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