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It is not uncommon to experience sensitivity of the teeth every once in a while. However, if you experience sensitivity frequently, you should seek treatment. The causes of sensitive teeth vary. To be on the safe side, it is best to let your dentist check for any potentially serious causes.

Causes Of Sensitive Teeth


Teeth may sometimes become temporarily sensitive when exposed to extreme hot or cold foods. This is not an issue as long as the sensitivity disappears once the hot or cold item is removed. If sensitivity persists, this can indicate a more serious issue.


Gum recession is another cause of tooth sensitivity. When the gum level recedes or shrinks, it leaves areas of the tooth exposed. Over time, the exposed tooth surfaces can wear away or become thinner, leading to sensitivity. Exposed root surfaces of the teeth are vulnerable to sensitivity.

Sensitivity and pain may also be felt if there is an infection of the tooth. You may experience pain and sensitivity to temperature, foods, and pressure when biting or chewing as well.

In a few cases, some patients will experience sensitive teeth right after their dental cleaning. Sometimes tartar buildup will shield exposed portions of the tooth from hot or cold foods. Once the buildup is removed, patients may notice sensitivity in these areas.

Treatment Of Sensitive Teeth

If sensitivity persists or becomes increasingly worse, treatment should be sought. When the cause of the sensitive teeth is due to an infection of the tooth, a root canal will be necessary. Root canal treatment will remove the nerves and pulp of the tooth in order to remove the infection and prevent the tooth from experiencing sensitivity and pain.

If the cause is due to gum recession or exposed tooth roots, treatment may be in the form of a dental restoration, gum graft or regular use of sensitivity toothpaste.


If you experience sensitivity after a dental cleaning, try to use a sensitivity toothpaste for at least three weeks consecutively. This will allow the dental toothpaste to seal the dental tubules and reduce the effects of the sensitivity.

Remember to let your dentist know if you experience sensitivity often or if it is accompanied with pain. Your dentist or dental professional can help you take preventive steps to ensure the health of your teeth and smile.

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